Monkey fun

sock monkeys (2)
image by jbl thistle/flickr

Oh dear...my blogging year is off to a bad start! I put up this post on Tuesday, but the date was set to 2010!

We are monkeying around on vacation this week and I promise to fill you in on our exploits. But in the meanwhile, here's some things for you to monkey around with too.

Here's some links to the classic children's toy, the Sock Monkey, and many of his sock animal friends. Lest this post convince you otherwise, I'm not actually a huge fan of the sock plushie. I find them moderately entertaining, and occasionally endearing, like the ones in this photo. I'm a much bigger fan of the pals of the monkey, like the giraffe listed below. Although he's not technically a sock monkey pal, he's too cute to leave out.


Stuff you gotta pay for!


  1. Those are SUPER cute monkeys! I actually used to make sock monkeys, but mine were never this classically adorable.

  2. So cute and such a timely reminder that I have a kit sitting on my shelf ready to make. It is called make your stupid sock creatures and has a very stripey monster to make. Thanks for inspiring me to get on to it! You can see my kit on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Make-Your-Stupid-Creatures-Books/dp/B004HY0TJW/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1295297285&sr=8-13


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