Little Brother's Adoption Timeline

WHAT'S NEXT? Not sure!

2014.3.13 Finally together as a family of four!

2014.3.11 Visa interview at US Embassy in Korea.

2014.3.10 Take custody in Korea.

2014.2.4 Court date in Korea.

2014.2.3 Meet Baby Brother!

2014.1.30 Heading to Korea!

2014.1.13 Court date notification.

2013.11.27 Submitted to court.

2013.11.21  EP approved!

2013.11.13.2013 i600 finally cleared! This is the last piece of paperwork on the U.S. side we need.

2013.09.18 Legal documents in from Korea. These tell the U.S. government that Korea has identified a child to be adopted by us.

2013.09.13 Submitted for Little Brother's Emigration Permit (EP)

2013.09.?? Not sure of the exact date, but evidently we were ATK (acceptance to Korea) near the beginning of the month!

2013.08.31 Received our I-171H, our provisional approval of the I-600a.

2013.08.26 Send in our referral acceptance to AIAA.

2013.08.22 REFERRAL!!

2013.08.20 Mailed back our third revision of home study to fulfill the request for evidence on our I600a processing.

2013.08.12 Received a request for evidence on our I600a.

2013.07.24 Biometrics appointments.

2013.06.25 Sent in I-600a.

2013.06.12 Home Study had to be updated due to a communications error between us and our U.S. 
2013.2.21 Home Study sent to Korea!

2012.11.29 Home Study complete & submitted to AIAA.

2012.11.11 Formal application into our home study agency, Special Children.

2012.10.12 Formal Application sent to AIAA.

2012.08.20 Pre-application to our U.S. agency, AIAA.

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