Little Man's Adoption Timeline

What's next: Filing a freedom of information act G-639 to get all U.S. documents pertaining to adoption

8.27.2013 Received original documents back via G-884 filing

5.17.2013 Certificate of Citizenship

5.1.2012 Social Security number

12.19.2011 Finalization!

10.2011 Third post-placement

8.25.2011 Second post-placement

6.16.2011 First post-placement home visit with social worker.

5.11.2011 Home at last!

5.10.2011 Forever a family

5.03.2011 First meeting with Little Man

5.2.2011 Travel to Korea

4.28.2011 Travel Call!!!!

4.27.2011 P3 sent to Embassy

4.26.2011 NVC Out.

4.21.2011 NVC In.

4.08.2011 I600 approved!

3.22.2011 I600 received at USCIS.

3.18.2011 ICPC from Michigan finally arrives in Madison, and the paperwork is shipped to USCIS.

3.7.2011 Legals and I600 arrive in Madison, WI for state approval.

3.4.2011 Legals are in.
2.17.2011 Referral!

12.4.2010 I600A Approved!

11.25.2010 Biometrics completed. Read about it HERE.

11.1.2010 Biometrics appointment scheduled for Nov. 25.

10.21.2010 I600A received.

9.30.2010 Home study sent to Korea (HSTK)!

9.02.2010 Formal application and home study sent to AIAA.

8.09.2010 Received formal application from AIAA.

8.05.2010 All the paperwork has been completed for our home study, and we will be receiving our formal application from AIAA shortly.

7.22.2010 Last home study meeting with Special Children.

6.17.2010 First home study meeting with Special Children. One down, one to go!

6.6.2010 Sever ties with Lifelink and begin moving forward again on home study with our new agency.

6.1.2010 Receive approval for our pre-application with AIAA and submit application to local agency Special Children to begin our home study process.

5.15.2010 Submit a pre-application to AIAA.

5.10.2010 Begin to investigate our options with other agencies.

4.30.2010 Become increasingly concerned about continuing with our current agency. Learn that they are having visa issues, will be reducing passport allocations, and the wait time to bring children home has increased significantly.

4.29.2010 First home study meeting.

4.20.2010 Lifelink announces a merger with another agency. We are concerned, but proceed.

3.27.2010 Formal application completed.

3.13.2010 Preliminary application completed. First meeting with our social worker at Lifelink.

Jan-March 2010 Interviewed several agencies. Chose to work with Lifelink International.

12.2009 Decide we are ready to begin a family.

1.25.2002 Celebrate our 10th anniversary. We've traveled, moved 5 times and lived in 2 states, and have great careers. No kids in sight and family has quit asking.

1.25.1992 Married!

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