We have something to share!

Are you sitting down?

If not, you'd better grab a seat. We have some exciting news to share with you all. The Man and I are in the beginning stages of adopting a baby!

This may come as a surprise to many of you. Most people stopped asking if we were having kids a long time ago. We've loved exploring and adventuring together, and now have decided to begin our biggest adventure--creating a family!

We are working with Lifelink International Adoption. Lifelink is a smaller agency, working primarily in Illinois and Wisconsin, who works with Eastern Social Welfare Society in Seoul, Korea. We'll tell you more about the agency later, but the children in this home are typically born to unwed mothers. (We have since changed agencies--read here for the update.)

We have a great social worker, named J, who is a Korean adoptee herself. She will be working with us through this whole process.

We are officially on the waiting list for a child of either sex. The majority of children available for adoption are boys, so it's pretty likely that we'll be having a son. Lifelink estimates 9-12 months for a referral (that's what it's called when you are matched with a baby) and then it's typically 3-6 months after that before we can travel to Seoul, Korea to pick up our child and bring him home. They seem to be running at the longer end of their estimates at this time.

The adoption process can be unpredictable, so all those time frames can change. We are super excited about this, so if you have any questions, please ask! We are hoping you will all share in the journey with us. We know it's going to be long and challenging, so we'll likely lean on you for support at one time or another. Check out the Adoption ABC's section to the right to get more info about the process, and learn what we have done so far.

And be sure to check back in soon.

We can't wait to be parents in 2011!

Love, Pixie and The Man


  1. I found your blog via the Lifelink board--congratulations on deciding to adopt, and wow, you've put together a terrific site! I'll definitely be checking back. My husband and I haven't told everyone in our families yet, but once we do, I'll be writing online about our wait, too.

  2. We are so thrilled for you! How exciting and thanks so much for letting us know! We can't wait to meet your new addition when he/she arrives! Love you both and miss you too!

    Branch Family: Harrison, Anissa, Dylan, Anton, Rhiana and Nyah

  3. Thanks so much Amy! Please keep coming back and feel free to pass on our link. It's been lots of fun putting the site together and is helping to pass the time!


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