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We are two west coasters who ended up living in Wisconsin, where cows are happy, cheese is plentiful, and there's no shortage of beer. Yes, we have grown an affinity for cheese curds (lovely buttery goodness) but don't confuse us with those football crazies known as cheeseheads!

We met while attending high school in a tiny eastern Washington town. I had just moved to town, and nervously walked into my first-period English class during my freshman year. And there he was! A funny, sweet, super smart, friendly, and hot guy! We became friends and stayed that way throughout high school. We even went on a date once.

After high school we did not stay in touch. We bumped into one another at a friend's wedding three years later. In 1992,  1 1/2 years after our friend's wedding, we had our own.

Since that time, we've traipsed around the country & parts of the world together. I'm a photographer and a complete nut about architecture and all things mid-century.  The Man is a veterinarian and has the same addiction to modernist styles.

We have a super great dog, Argus (his fans call him Gus), and two sweet kitties, Pogo and Etta Mae. We love working on our home, mountain biking, road tripping with Argus, and searching for mid-century treasures at estate and rummage sales.

We have a great time exploring the world together, and are now beginning our biggest adventure--becoming parents. Our sweet Little Man came home May 11, 2011.

He's a super dynamo, who hasn't met a piece of furniture that he hasn't tried to scale. He's got a smile that melts your heart, and infectious laugh, and a great sense of humor. He was born in South Korea and has a serious love of bananas, mandarin oranges, and peanut butter.

This blog started as a way to connect with other adoptive families, but it's morphing into more than that. We believe in positive parenting, eating well, living a healthy lifestyle, doing good things for others, great books, finding inspiration, living an authentic and honest life, and the pursuit of happiness.

And we also believe in learning new things everyday, which is where you come in!

Pixie, The Man and Little Man too!
curdsandkimchi (at) yahoo.com


  1. Good luck on your adventure! My father was adopted and my husband was actually adopted from South Korea so it's close to my heart for sure. I'm also in the northwest (Washington) - I can't imagine moving, but cheese curds do sound good right now. ;) Not as good as kimchi though!

  2. How exciting! We are just starting our own adoption journey...it certainly is an adventure, isn't it?!

  3. Hi! You left a comment on my blog a while back and I'm just now coming to say hello. (FAIL!) Looking forward to reading your blog and following your journey!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It's so good to make connections who have gone through this process. (And we are also cheese curd fans and high school sweethearts :))

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I have a close relationship with adoption - my aunt decided to adopt a little girl from romania about 10 years ago, and I helped her out a little bit with the process. My adopted cousin is dear to me, and bringing her into our family inspired me to learn more about adopted children's stories.
    I actually just read a very inspiring book about four abused children that got adopted - "Children of the Manse" by Lewis Luchs (http://www.childrenofthemanse.com). It's a touching story for anyone, but especially people with close ties to adopted children. Thought I'd share!

  6. Congratulations on your adoption! I hear the process isn't easy! I am not an adoptee but of Korean decent. I grew up without my mother here in the states. I went to live in Korea for 5 years and found my birth mother the first year that I was there. She has been in my life ever since. The only thing I can say is how important it is to incorporate some of the Korean customs into your lifestyle, so as he grows up he is connected to his roots! I can see you've already started the process and aware! Thank you for doing that! I hope he enjoys his first birthday and look forward to hearing what "object"he chooses.

    Peace and Blessings


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