Adoption Books and Movies

This is an evolving list of adoption related reading materials. By no means have we read all of these books---this is just a list we have compiled through the years of recommended readings. If you have reviewed any of these books on your blog, please send a link and we'd be happy to link to your site! Also feel free to email us curdsandkimchi (at) with recommendations or suggestions.

Adoption Books - Instructional/educational
      Adoption Books - Narrative
      Adoption Books - For Children 
            Korea and Korean Culture Books/Magazines
              • Korean Quarterly - Non profit/volunteer publication on Korean American issues. 

                Race and ethnicity

                  Korean Culture Books - For Children
                  • Talk Story - Book lists of stories with Korean and Korean American characters and culture for children of all ages. There are also other Asian Pacific lists available.
                  • Waiting for Mama - A bilingual children's book first published by a Korean author in 1938. Lovely illustrations and great Korean cultural references.
                  • Bee-Bim Bop! - An illustrated cookbook/storybook for children.
                  • A Part Of The RibbonLearn about the history, culture, language, customs and martial arts of Korea at a different periods in time. 9 and older
                  Adoption Magazines
                  Adoption Themed Movies
                  • Mother and Child - Movie hasn't been released in DVD yet.

                  Asian Culture & Heritage Movies

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