Then She Found Me

A love story. An adoption story. A birth mother story. A freaking cry fest. That's what this movie is.

Just watched "Then She Found Me" starring Helen Hunt (love her), Bette Midler and Colin Firth. It's a really good movie--a bit romantic, a bit dark, a bit heart breaking, a bit hopeful. Here's the trailer:

I really didn't know that this was about adoption. I was just hunting for a good movie from the Netflix cue. It caught me by surprise, but I stuck with it. But at one point I had to stop the movie because I was caught by huge, wracking sobs.

Now I'm not the kind of girl who cries like this. I'm not sure exactly why I was crying either. I seem to be doing a lot of this lately. Hmm..

My only complaint about the movie is that adoption seems to be depicted as a second-best choice most of the time. Over all though, I really liked this movie.

It's on the "instant" section of Netflix if you have a membership. Worth the hours (and tears).


  1. I watched this one too! And I'm not a Helen Hunt fan. But Colin Firth? Yummy.
    I totally cried too. But you're right about the adoption as second choice vibe. Didn't like that, but it's def. worth the time :)

  2. I'll have to watch it. The trailer looks interesting!

  3. Don't worry about being emotional. I cry all the time now. This morning, my daughter sat on my lap while I finished my breakfast. I just hugged on her while my wife got her breakfast ready. A teary-eyed moment when it was time for the high chair. Tears come very easily these days. :)

  4. oh my gosh, how have i missed this movie? i must arm myself w/tissues and watch it asap.

  5. I love that you are crying and emotional . . .all expecting moms are! Will definitely catch this flick - thanks for passing it on!

  6. I loved this movie, too, and had to stop it a few times to get a hold of myself. I saw it with a friend and then with my husband a few months later. I thought I'd be fine the second time, but it was even worse. It grabbed his heart, too. I love your post about it - will link from my blog about adoption. (And Colin Firth. Oh Colin.) I wonder, regarding the film's exploration of whether adoption is "second best," whether HH's character's attitude about adoption throughout was really her attitude toward herself - her own issues. And, because she had been adopted, she projected them onto adoption in general? (I think I'm second best to my little brother. He wasn't adopted. I was adopted. Adopted kids are second best = Faulty logic.) In the scene when she says to her brother, "But you didn't see the way Mom looked at you when you were a baby...it was different," my husband and I, almost in unison, said "But YOU didn't see how your Mom looked at you when you were a baby." I have children by birth and adoption and also know adoption isn't second best to having children by birth. Oh and that last moment of the film = transcendent, redemptive, wonderful. (Sorry to ramble.)


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