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Didn't buy that ornate tapestry while you were in Korea and always regretted it? Fall in love with Maxim coffee while in Korea? Need to find a special gift? Here's some resources to find Korean items here in the U.S. or from Korean stores that ship to the U.S.

(I haven't tested out all these shops--The Man would kill me! But they are all on my go-to list if I'm hunting for something special. If you have any others to include on our list, please let us know!)

Little Seouls: Toys, housewares, hanboks. Based in the U.S.

The Korean Baby: Hanbok, clothing, baby stuff, toys. Based in the U.S.

Arts and Crafts Korea: Lots of really great items here, many that are handmade. Clothing, accessories, household items. Plus, they give adoptive families a lifetime 10% discount.

Koreana Gifts And Art: Don't let the really horrible website deter you. Dig around and you'll find a lot of traditional dolls, knives, clothing and drums. They are based out of Los Angeles.

G Market: A variety of goods. Will ship to U.S. but it's based on weight and region, so can get expensive.

11st: A little of everything here. Seems reputable and has international shipping to U.S.

Yes Asia: Toys, gifts, collectibles and K-Drama!! Lots here. Ships to U.S.

K-Style Me: Clothing and accessories. Free international shipping on orders over $150

Amazon:  Search for anything, from red chili paste (gochujang) to hanbok. I'm always shocked what we can find here.

HMart: The go-to place for Korean food items, but they also have plenty of household goods, kitchenware, and other items. Also lots of stores around the U.S. so see if there's one near you.

Pattycake Doll Company: Large selection of Asian and multicultural dolls appropriate for a wide age range.

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