Home Study 1.2

OK. So for those of you playing along at home, here's a recap:

So that brings you up to date. And now, we are starting the home study process over with our new agency, Special Children.

First, I have to tell you that our social worker is fantastic. All that angst that I had about whether we made the right decision or not is totally gone. She put us at ease with her professionalism and calm demeanor. We didn't feel like we were being interrogated or judged in any way, although, let's face it, we ARE being judged about whether we can adopt or not.

We are also thrilled with her experience. She is an adoptive mom of children from Korea, so she can speak from experience on both sides of the interaction. She's also a bit conservative (in terms of her risk in evaluating referrals) which matches our comfort level so we really trust her judgement. It's so vital to have someone you trust to guide you through all this!

Actually, all the staff at Special Children are adoptive parents. We love it!

The home study meeting itself was fine. Special Children requires 2 meetings, so we are now halfway done! The meeting lasted about 2 1/2 hours and there were no big surprises on the questions she asked. It was shockingly normal. Like getting to know a new friend...a bit more in-depth conversations than you would have with someone from the office, but the "getting to know you" type questions like how we met, where we were raised, and what our life is like together.

Our next meeting is in 4 weeks. In the meanwhile we are working on paperwork and completing our parent training hours. At this rate, our home study should be completed mid-August.



  1. I'm so glad you feel more comfortable with this agency. It sounds like a good fit. I didn't realize you'd have to do a whole new HS. They can't transfer the other one? Do they partner with Holt in Korea?

  2. We were only one visit (out of six) into our home study with Lifelink. We were at the beginning of the process anyway, so decided to do the home study process with Special Children since they work with our main agency AIAA. We thought it was better to build a relationship with them and since SC knows AIAA and Lifelink doesn't coordinate with them, hoped our process would go smoother.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are now half way through our homestudy - 5 visits down and 5 to go! I'm glad that you got on with your social worker - and it's like you say 'getting to know a new friend'

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so embarrassed you witnessed all my comment drama. That has never happened before. It was stressful.

    Sounds like you made the right decision switching agencies. I'm so glad that worked out for you!

    I am following your blog now so I can't wait to read the rest of your journey.

  5. So glad the stress of decision-making is behind you and you are moving forward, confident in your choice. It really does make all the difference if you work w/people you feel comfortable with and trust.

    love the new site, btw. cute name!

  6. It makes so much sense to have adoptive paretns working at an agency...I love that. Best of luck with your adoption, I will be praying for a smooth journey for you :)

  7. Popping over from ICLW! I am so glad you found an agency you feel comfortable with! Good luck with your adoption!


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