Decisions Decisions Part 2

Still working. We think we have come to a solid decision. Just waiting to line everything up before we share it with you all here.

We are looking into a second agency. They have considerable shorter times, both in the wait to referral time, and for the referral to travel call. The differences between the agency times translate directly into the age of the baby and how long we wait to become parents--bringing home a 14-month-old 15 months from now, or getting a 9-month-old in 10 months.

But it's not just the times that we are concerned with here. Those could change any time in the process. We are looking at stability of the agency, and our current one hasn't seemed stable. There have been the EP issues and a recent merger with a new company (which we have heard very limited information about), and a few other little things.

We need to have as much trust and faith in the agency as is possible. Not always easy because this entire process is a huge leap of faith. Everything can change at any minute. And just because we trust the agency doesn't mean that things won't change on the Korea end.

So we ask ourselves, do we think this agency has been upfront with us? Do we think they are organized and their system is stable? Do we feel that they have time for us and our best interests at heart? Or are we just another number?

And is the other agency any better?

It feels quite frustrating. But we're trying to trust our guts here. And our guts led us to asking these questions in the first place.

Deep breathing.


  1. Good luck choosing. Do the agencies use different Korean agencies (as in your current agency uses Eastern and the other agency doesn't)? That's such a big decision and not easy but you definitely need to trust your agency. Thinking of you!

  2. Sounds like you are on the path toward figuring out which agency to choose. Hoping you can get some clear answers from both agencies to make your decision as easy as possible. Its great that you are taking a step back for the moment and making sure you begin this process w/the agnency that is right for you.


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