Let's get something cooking

Thinking about trying my hand at making a traditional Korean dish this weekend! I love cooking although I haven't done much in the Asian genre. I'm super excited to try this and hopefully it will be edible too.

The lead contender for my debut meal is (cue trumpets and large fanfare here) dumplings (AKA Mandu or mandoo). 

I've found a few recipes that look promising. I think I'm probably going to try to merge this recipe with this one. This site is also a good reference. I'm wondering if maybe I should start with something a bit simpler. But then again, why not just dive in?

Have any of you tried cooking Korean cuisine? What did you try? What worked? Have you found any reliable sites with cooking tips?

(photo credit: Getty Images by Jeannie Choe)

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  1. Sounds yummy! Let us know how they turn out!


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