WORD Wednesday - "A hot dog please"

Try this fun little game to help you learn something really important--how to order food! You match up the food item with the audio cues. With each correct answer the little man on the left climbs the palm tree. With each wrong answer, he goes down.

They tell you when you get the answers right or wrong, and the woman's voice totally cracks me up. It's a decent way to learn some new words, although I had a hard time figuring out what she was saying!

Here's a few transliterations to help with your pronunciations.

Have fun!

PLEASE:          juseyo
CABBAGE:     yangbaechu
HOT DOG:      hasdogeu
GRAPES:         podo
APPLE:            sagwa
EGG:                gye-ran

Ice cream, cheese, donut and ketchup all sound like their English counterparts.

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  1. Hello from ICLW. =) I am Korean American (but I've never been to Korea). I think it's awesome that you're trying to learn the culture and language of your future little one. I really hope this process goes along smoothly for you. We're still trying to build our family the good ol ART way, but have dabbled into researching about adoption, especially from Korea. =)


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