One step closer

Wahoo! We are finally out of the visa center, and Little Man's paperwork has been sent to the embassy in Seoul. The last step before travel call!

There's a good chance we could get the call by the end of the week. However, I'm still sick as a dog. So, hoping that I'll be a lot better in the next few days and we'll be set to travel by the beginning of next week. I can't believe this day is almost here!

In the meanwhile, trying to make sure that The Man doesn't catch whatever the hell I've got. I've relegated him to keep a 6-foot perimeter from me, have bottles of hand sanitizer all over, and I've been sleeping in the guest bed. I toyed with making him go stay at a hotel, but that might be a little overboard huh?


  1. Woohoo!!!!!! Wonderful news! I hope you feel better asap because when you get that call it is time to go! Woohoo!!

  2. Get better because you're going SOON! :) Can't wait for Little Man to be in your arms!

  3. SO EXCITED for you both. GET BETTER SOON and Little man will be home soon :-)

  4. So excited for you!! The day you get that travel call is the best! Hope it comes soon. It will cure you of whatever illness may be lingering.

  5. Hooray! Can't wait to read about your travel call!!!


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