Formal application--DONE!

image from Delivering the Mail-the Commons Way
Shipped out the formal application today! Wahoo! I know, I know. There's a lot more ground to be covered. But this is a giant step.

So we aren't sure about the time line or exactly what is next. Hoping to find that out shortly. Other people at our agency have had their home study/applications sent to Korea pretty fast. Keep your fingers crossed ours goes as quickly!

I am celebrating by taking the rest of the week off. And getting a massage. (Actually, those days were already scheduled off but it's a happy coincidence.)

The Man and I are definitely going to be celebrating.  Saturday we are hitting the Made in Milwaukee event--lots of great local music and products to peruse. Followed by dinner and a movie. Biking, knitting and perhaps a mini-bake-a-thon will round out the weekend nicely.



  1. AWESOME!!! Congrats!!! Woohooo is right!

    It sounds like you have a lovely celebration planned. YAY!

  2. hooray!!! congrats! this is a huge step and cause for celebration for sure!

  3. Yaaaaay! Congratulations :D Nice that you even have time off to celebrate, way to go 'universe' in setting that up eh? ;)

  4. Yay! I like your celebratory plans. We mailed ours yesterday, home visit is 9/10, and then... who knows? Right now I'm just focusing on the long weekend. :)

  5. Yahoo!!! Celebrate every step that brings you closer :)

  6. YAY!! A big step closer. Can't wait to hear more!


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