WORD Wednesday - Livemocha

Thought I was going to skip WORD Wednesday because of my happy strike, but just stumbled across this site that cracks me up. (Thanks hardcorescrapper at Waiting For You for discovering this!)

Just a few details about the site. You can learn a ton of different languages there. It's free. It's easy to use. And it's smartly organized. What more could you want?

(All images from Livemocha's Korean language program) 
Each word or phrase is written in Hangul, has an English translation, a recorded spoken pronunciation, and the romanization of the word/phrase, all on the same page! The skill builder exercises are great too.

But the part that earned this program a place in my happy week (see THIS post if you don't know what I'm talking about) are the photos that serve as visual cues of the words you are learning.

Not sure if the photos were intended to be funny, but they certainly did the trick for me. (See photo, right. Yes, my sense of humor can be cruel and infantile. Get over it.)

Here's a few other photos, all found in the first lesson! I can't wait to do more lessons to see what else they come up with. Old age isn't necessarily a funny topic, but I got a giggle out of the image they used to illustrate it. The comic-style balloons don't help the situation either.

Do rich men really juggle their money?

I wonder if the bride was expecting something different, and has just discovered she married a man, as in "YOU are a MAN". Or is this an emphatic statement, as in "you ARE a man". From the grins on both their faces, I think the second scenario may be more likely.

And here's a touching moment between granddaughter and Grandma--

Join in on the fun yourself by signing up at http://www.livemocha.com/


  1. too funny!!! you have such great stuff to post!

  2. Those are some pretty corny photos... I think I'd like to make up my own captions.


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