Friday Round-up--8.26.2011

Little shopper. © Cheese Curds and Kimchi

I walked out with a pit in my stomach.

It's not that it wasn't great. It was. The teachers were engaging and sweet. The children were well kept and happy. The facility was clean and safe.

And it's not that LM didn't have a fantastic time there as we attended the open house. He did. He jumped right in and took off across the room. He grabbed a spatula and the shopping cart and was happy as a clam.

I know he'll be fine there and my gut says we made a good choice.

But it's knowing that he'll spend three entire days a week with someone else---that's what gives me this pit in my stomach. My maternity leave is coming to an end. Starting the first week in October, LM will be going to daycare.

All in all, I know this is a great deal. I'll be working full-time, but LM will only be in daycare three days a week because of the way The Man and my schedules line up. And it's going to be good for him, right?

But that panicky part of me who is obsessed with this attachment stuff gets a little freaked out. Will he get confused by having yet another caretaker in his life? Will spending so much time with someone else hinder the progress we've started to make lately? And here's the selfish bit---will he like them better than me? (Oh, how I loathe that 15-year-old insecure part of myself!)

And the Mom part of me has another set of concerns. Will they remember that he still doesn't have a firm grasp on English? That he does better getting his diaper changed if you sing to him? That he holds onto his ears when he's feeling uncomfortable or scared?

So many things to feel worried about. And guilty about.

I guess this is the way of the working mom. I've heard it gets easier. I sure hope so.

On another note---we had our second post-placement visit yesterday. Yay! Two down, one to go. It was super easy and we always have such great discussions with our social worker. LM was his sparkling self and set about to charming her with his games of peek-a-boo, showing off his couch climbing skills, and demonstrating how his new rocker works.

Couldn't have been prouder of him!

OMG. Have you seen the leaves!? Here in Milwaukee, they have started to fall. We're trying to make the last of the weekends we have left before I go back to work and the snow begins to fly. This weekend we are heading to Appleton where we used to live. LM will get to meet some of our friends, and go to an outdoor movie party. Then on Sunday, we are heading out to a mountain bike race and trail run where Mommy and Daddy will do their best not to expire on the race trail. Fun!

Hope you enjoy a great weekend too!


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