I-600A Approval!

We got our I-600A approval yesterday!

This is the last step on the U.S. side of things to be completed before the referral, and the first step in completing the immigration process. Kind of mind boggling to think that all the pre-adoption paperwork is behind us. Whoa.

The pre-adoption paperwork isn't quite finished yet though. They spelled my name wrong and have some weird dates on our I-600A. They have our filing date listed as 10/26/2011 and the completion date as 11/30/2010. (For those of you who have already done this...are these dates transposed or are they supposed to be like this?) I'm guessing that those things will need to be fixed?

So, more paper chasing to get those corrections.

Next stop....referral!


  1. Oy. I hope they fix their errors soon. But congrats on getting that piece of paper in your hands! I was ecstatic when we got ours!

  2. No - they shouldn't be like that but in terms of how to fix it - I'd suggest you talk with your social worker. She should know what the right next step is.

    Regardless - yay!!

  3. Oh, CIS... never making things easy for us. :(

  4. whohoo!!! this is a big step!
    but, jeepers, how annoying about all the mistakes!

  5. Congrats! I hope you get everything straightened out. Our local USCIS office was very helpful when we had our "issues" before everything went to one centralized location. I would work with your agency and have them help. But, the good news is that you are one step closer which is AWESOME!!! It feels so good. Celebrate woman!

  6. Hurray! and Grrr! Hoping the little problems are fixed efficiently (yeah, a word that doesn't belong in the same conversation with CIS). Thinking of you!

  7. Congrats on the next big step done! Hoping your referral comes soon :-)

  8. Hi there! congrats on the next big step. It has been a while since we connected (we are with the same agencies and e-mailed a few months ago). We had a hold up on our end but are hoping to get our paperwork to Korea in the next week or so. I love knowing you are a little ahead though so it can help me manage my expectations:)


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