Friday Roundup plus an update!--8.6.2010

Hooray hooray! Another week over, another step forward. We heard from AIAA, our agency in Michigan, that they are sending out our formal application. Our home study will be ready in about a month, so this means that we can work on the formal app at the same time. Then we can send the whole kit and kaboodle off to Michigan. After that, not sure if the the exact time line. Will have to do some checking around...

Heading off for a nice road trip this weekend to the other side of the state for another bike race/5K. The trip is about 6 hours each way and the trails are really beautiful. Spending time lounging in the car, feet propped up on the dash getting warmed by the sun, listening to Bob Marley and paging through a magazine sounds awesome. Can't wait!

Have a great weekend!


Do yourself a favor--read this post "Seeing Color: Transracial Adoption" at Grown in My Heart. It's an excellent perspective on being a multicultural family and how people react to that. It's a topic that The Man and I discuss frequently, and I know the discussions will continue throughout our child's life. Color does matter and while many of us celebrate our differences, others fear them. Unfortunately, as far as race relations have come, they are still so far from being where they need to be.

This post "One for four this week. Done. Snap." completely cracked me up. The blogger is attempting to run 240 miles in 5 months. Her description of one particular run on the "dreadmill" was perfect. I know just how that feels!

I loved this sweet post by Kristen at I Spy a Family. I can totally imagine myself doing the same thing. And she writes about such a sensitive moment in such a funny manner! Love it.

OK. I've sent ya'll over to Hyperbole and a Half before, but this post titled Bicycle had me giggling in bed (much to the chagrin of The Man who was trying to sleep). Hope one day when we are teaching Little Man how to ride a bike it goes much smoother.

One final note--the rhubarb cake that I talked about making in last Friday's blog post--it was ridiculous. DO NOT make this cake unless you are OK with losing your self-control and are willing to subject yourself to overwhelming urges to sit with an 11x14 tray of goodness and a spoon, and growl at anyone who attempts to take it away from you. It. Was. That. Good. Grrr.


  1. Oh boy, I've got two bags of rhubarb sitting in my freezer right now. Must resist urge to click that link....

  2. Good luck with getting the formal app done and everything sent in! Yay! I heard rumors that it's about 3-4 weeks after fingerprinting but I don't know how long until the fingerprinting appointment is usually scheduled. Good luck! Hope to hear more good news soon!

    Oh - and I love the posts you share! Thanks so much. Laughed and cried and was provoked by thought all in the span of about 15 minutes! Thanks!

  3. Great news! We received the same email from AIAA... although I think you'll end up a bit ahead of us, since we're a bit behind you in our homestudy process. Enjoy your fun weekend!

  4. Glad you can work on your formal app! Good news for sure :)

  5. Fantastic! You'll see, if you are somewhat organized with you documents, the paperwork really isn't that bad. One week closer!!!Great news!


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