Mommy Cards--say what??

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Have you heard of Mommy Cards? I hadn't before today. I spied a reference to it on one of the adoption message boards and wasn't sure what they were talking about.

Google to the rescue. Evidently mommy cards are "the newest thing in mommy networking." (I had no idea there was such a thing as mommy networking either.)

According to themommycard.com, there are at least 10 reasons to for moms to have a card. Among them are to give to moms you want to have playdates, as contact info (and allergy info) for babysitters, to make grandparents smile, or, heaven forbid, to hand out if your child gets lost.

I'm a bit conflicted on this. The super-geeky, stationary-loving, organization-adoring part of me thinks it's a fabulous idea. They could be really useful and they are damned cute. And evidently they are hip. Who doesn't want to be hip?

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I can imagine meeting someone at the playground and the kids get along great and you are digging through the bottom of the diaper bag searching for a scrap of a gum wrapper to write your phone number on. You might discover the paper weeks later and can't remember if you said you'd call them, or they were supposed to call you, or even what they looked like.

A mommy card would solve those problems.

But here's where I feel a little squeamish. It feels a little desperate, pretentious and forced. A bit too much "my kid is so popular and important that we need these cards because writing down his information gives my hand cramps." Something about it just seems weird to me.

Have you ever seen anyone use these in real life? Are they practical and serious, or just tongue-in-cheek type of fun? Some of the cards are quite snarky and sarcastic, with slogans like "have your mommy call my mommy."

I don't know if I'm quite up to using these. I'm more of a gum wrapper type of gal. I guess we've got a lot of time to mull it over.

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Here's a few sources if your little tyke is ready.

Kodak Gallery - These are FREE!

Tiny Prints - Not free, but the designs are super cute.

The Mommy Card - The name says it all. Great designs too.

Itsy Bitsy Smiles - I'm running out of adjectives. Go see for yourself.
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Let's Do Sandbox Article - Story about mommy networking.


  1. I'm a jerk b/c I think these are kinda ridiculous. And frankly a bit unnecessary since it seems like EVERYONE has a cell phone all the time. Can't people just type a new friend's # into their phone? The whole card thing seems a bit pretentious to me... And you're right, a bit desperate.

  2. I love In 3 years, I've only ever had one mom give one of these to me and she was totally the pretentious, obnoxious type. Way better to pull out your cell or gum wrapper to write down a name & number.

  3. OK, I'm a stationary gal myself. And a graphic designer for crying out loud... but I'm also the girl who loses the appointment card from the doctor before I even make it to the car. Sometimes twice (true story) So I'd prefer the cell phone as well. Even if it does make the stationary-loving-designer part of me sad.

    Wait, does it count if I have "business cards" for the blog? Or "business cards" just for me. Cause I totally have those.

  4. I have heard of these. I am an organized geek too but I wouldn't make up cards. If I really had to give someone info I have a business card.

  5. I, too, have heard of these, and I, too, would not use them. ;)

    It just seems weird to have a card for the "business" of being someone's parent! I can't imagine daddy cards...

  6. Love the comments! We make thumbcards, which moms, bloggers, dads, singles and anyone really use for quick details. Working moms don't always want to pass out their work biz card, so it makes a nice substitute. They also work as gift labels and bookmarks and letting another parent know if your child has an allergy. Check us out if you'd like.


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