Ask and ye shall receive!

Well, that was strange.

Right as I reached the breaking point, a little relief! The day after I posted that I was cracking up, we got news that Little Brother's EP had been approved!


He was approved 11/21 and, even better news, our case was submitted to court 11/27!

Generally, the average timeline for families currently in process is once you are submitted to court it takes about 30 days to get a court date. The court date is in Korea and you go before a judge who will ask questions and evaluate the documents for approval of the adoption.

A family who was submitted to court just 5 days ahead of us has already received their court date! Court dates are set about 30 days out. If the timelines play out similarly, we could be receiving a court date before this year is over, which means we'd be in Korea at the end of Jan. or early Feb.

Holy crap!!

And, a happy holiday bonus for us---Friday's mail brought a DVD with a 4-minute clip of our boy. Oh, this is all getting so exciting!


  1. YAYYAYYAY!!! Merry Christmas to you! Next year you'll be four, so happy :)

  2. This happened to me multiple times in the adoption process - just when I was completely at my wits end and could not. wait. one. more. minute....I didn't have to any more.

    What a relief! And so happy that you received a video too!! Come on court date!!


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