Adoption power song

I've been running alot and got a new Nike+iPod gadget. It has a preference where you can set your "power song"--that song that gets you up the daunting hill, your go-to tune to help you crank up the speed at the finish line.

I love that word--POWER SONG. It's something that talks to you in an undefinable, deep way. It's the song that connects directly to your heart and soul.

For years my theme song power song has been "Drive" by Incubus. It's the song that I need to hear when my life feels out of control, when I'm at a crossroads, of if I'm battling the Monster of the Unknown. These lyrics inspire me to move forward--

/sometimes i feel the fear of
/uncertainty stinging clear
/and i can't help but ask myself how much
/i let the fear take the wheel and steer

So I started thinking that I need an adoption power song. My lovely Aunt C just sent me a copy of "From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours" for Mother's Day. (Super thoughtful and sweet Aunt C!!) It has nice sentiment but it's not my power song.

Do you have an adoption power song? What gets you through the tough times? What gives you hope?

Guess others have looked to music for support and comfort as well, because there are plenty of adoption music lists out there. Here's a few links--

iAdopt - Great list with links to lyrics & songs
Adoption...the Songs you love - A CD of adoption songs
Grown in My Heart - Large collection of adoption songs

See the full lyrics for "Drive" here.


  1. I don't have one power song, any song that makes me want to grab my hair brush and sing my heart out like no one can hear me are my power songs!

    Happy ICLW!!
    #40 http://thegalwho.wordpress.com/

  2. Ok, first of all I have that same gadget, the one you place in your shoe right? Secondly, I would blast "Drive" on my way to my OB appointments with my first son. I was on complete bedrest for 5 months so those visits were like outings for me. "with open arms and open eyes yea!!!"
    A song you may like, not really a power song but so sweet is "The One Who Knows" by Ashley Gramins. The CD is Mama Rocks.


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