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Ah. Finally the end of the week! And rolling into a long weekend! Really looking forward to some down time with the Mr. We've been a bit anxious this week as we wait to hear from agency #2. Kind of feel like we are stuck in neutral with the adoption stuff and of course, that has me a bit crazy. Hopefully we'll have some answers on that soon that I can share with everyone.

Until then, we are hitting the road for a little road trip with the Tropical Pug (he's nicknamed because he adores tropical fruit--banana, pineapple, orange, kiwi, watermelon, etc.). We are heading out of town on Saturday after Scott finishes work. Heading inland to the woods where he'll race mountain bikes on Sunday and I'll run another 5K.

A huge thanks to friends and guests stopping in for ICLW. I know not all of you out there are bloggers, but this week has been the May's International Comment Leaving Week event. Comments let us know that someone out there is listening and you aren't just shouting your thoughts and feelings into a cyber canyon. Please come back again for June's event!

(photo credit: me!)

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  1. I just stopped over from ICLW! I hope you hear from the agency soon. Enjoy your weekend and your trip.


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