WORD Wednesday - "Talk to me in Korean" website

Just found this website that I'm totally loving. It's a Korean language site, cleverly titled "TalkToMeInKorean.com". (TTMIK)

OK. The name isn't that clever, but what's in a name? The organization of the lessons and site are really the clever thing here.

Each audio lesson is pretty short, around 15 minutes or so. They also include lesson notes which were very smartly written. I've struggled with other Korean language sites because they did not include transliterated forms of the word (using English letters and writing the words out phoenetically). Transliterations can really help you improve your pronunciation. Thank goodness for the folks at TTMIK who included the written form of the word, transliterated pronunciations, and notes about definitions, proper uses, etc.

You can play the lessons right on their web page, or download the mp3 file. You can also subscribe via iTunes too. I love having them on my iPod and cramming a little Korean in during my morning commute.

And, it's all free! Yes, free. Here's their first lesson along with the study notes. Check out their website!

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