Blog roll!--6.25.2010

OK bloggers. I'm braving the blogroll world. There are so many out there! So if you know of a blogger (yourself included) who blogs about adoption, and/or korean adoptions, please comment and I'll add ya to the list. Let me know the blog title, address, and what you blog about.


  1. hi there! Our blog is (the title of the blog is aldo chois-r-us). We've chronicling our adoption journey as we adopt from south korea. Looking forward to reading the other blogs you round up! :)

  2. I blog about our infertility & now adoption journey from Colombia!

  3. Hey there. My blog is password-protected, but I'm more than happy to share the password with other APs, other moms, or nearly anyone who just tells me a bit about themselves and isn't creepy.
    I write about adoptive parenting, attachment, my non-profit animal rescue, and just being a mom/woman in this world :)
    our URL is saintlouisfricks(dot)com

  4. Our blog just follows our daily living as we wait for little girl we are adopting from Korea. We are keeping as a journal of sorts, so I can look back on our wait. Heres the blog address although I think you might already have it? I wasn't sure if this post was for newcomers or people already following your blog:) www.waitingonwillow.blogspot.com

  5. I've been blogging about my children, adopted from Guatemala & Korea for a few years, but just started a new, more anonymous blog to more honestly share my experiences as mom:

    I Spy A Family


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