Friday roundup--6.18.2010

Hey there all. Happy Friday! So glad it's here.  We are heading to the agility ring this weekend with the Tropical Pug. He's quite a champ on the obstacle course! Other than that, just planning on a nice run,  and  a very unfun home project (digging out a basement window well and re-cementing the supports because every time it rains the water flows into the basement!).

Here's the blog round-up today.

A thoughtful post at Seon-Mi-Kyung regarding unwed mothers in South Korea. She pulls together facts and weaves in her own personal experience as an adoptee to open a great discussion about what these women face and why they may turn to adoption.

As long as I'm on the topic of Korean culture, here's an old post that I just found while digging around at Kimchi Mamas. They discuss the practice of calling your elders by a respectful and affectionate title in this post: Oppa, Unni, Hyung, and Noona

And hooray for well-adjusted adoptees!  Dawn at Creating A Family once again addresses the myth of the "problem adoptee." From Dawn's article: "Yes, things can go wrong; kids and families can struggle, adolescence can lose their way.  When this happens in adoptive families, we blame adoption.  When it happens in non adoptive families, we blame parents or peers or just plain bad luck."

And for something totally unrelated to adoption--I stumbled across Whisk Kid's blog, a super fun site about one of my favorite things to do--bake sweet things! In her Say it With Cake post, she shares the process, great photos and best of all, the recipe, for this super awesome rainbow cake. I can't wait to try this sometime! The only downside to Whisk Kid's site is that I've discovered a whole new genre of blogs...foodie blogs. I'm gonna be in trouble!

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