Dog + Baby = Happiness

Happy 4th of July!

We met up last night with our friends M & C and their adorable little munchkin (AKA Giggles) to watch fireworks. She's 10 months old and so much fun! Super cute with huge blue eyes and a great giggle that she's willing to share with everyone. She's crawling, exploring and very interested in everything around her. Ten months is a very good age!

We brought our little munchkin too (the four-legged one) and it was so much fun to see how the two of them got along. Gus was very excited by Giggles and she seemed to feel the same way. So a good portion of the evening was spent watching the two of them hang out--Gus licking Giggle's fingers and she crawling around trying to get closer to him.

When I saw this onesie, I thought of Giggles and Gus and how much fun they had last night. You can find them at Dogmom Productions and they are made of organic cotton. For all the Giggles and Gus's out there, and the Dog-Mom-soon-to-be-kid-Moms will enjoy them too.

(image credit: Dogmom website)


  1. i want one of those! this post makes me happy because i'm so worried about how choi boy's going to be with our pup. hopefully, it will work out much like this story :)

  2. Giggles wondered where Gus was the next morning. By the way, I'm guessing dogs are like babies. No matter how long you keep them up at night, they get up at the same time the next morning (6 am- ugh!).

  3. Great blog! I am going to share this with families I know who have adopted and ones who are in the process. Thanks for the kind mention...xo Dogmom


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