Friday roundup--7.2.2010

Oh lordy. This was a crazy freaking week. No time for me. No time for blogging. Not sure which made me more frustrated! Poor little dog is feeling neglected too. So thankful for a day off, and a Friday at that!

  • Found this delicious tomato and mozzarella tart recipe (and funny blog post) over at Happy Loves Strawberry. Thinking it would be the perfect thing to make for a BBQ with our friends this weekend. The Man discovered a new love for tomatoes despite insisting for 40+ years that he doesn't like them. That's why I love him dearly--he doesn't hold fast to his "likes" and "dislikes" when it comes to food. But some of them take longer than others to come around. So he'll particularly enjoy this tomato dish.

  • And one last story about the daily experiences of being an interracial family in the column View from the Borderland: On raising an interracial family in Vermont". The Man and I have discussed this very thing often and aren't sure how we'll react to it. No one will go up to any other family and say "so why did you decided to conceive" so why do they feel it's OK to come up and ask "so why did you decide to adopt?" We know that how we answer these questions will have a big impact on our children and their beliefs about their adoption, so I'm always fascinated to hear how other adoptive families handle these situations.

Happy Friday all!


  1. Can't wait to read these...that is hilarious that your hubby's tastes can change... fresh tomatoes are THE BEST! I think sometimes people say they do not like stuff before they even try it:)

  2. I love your friday roundup. With two kids, its hard to find time to read all the blogs I love. Its great to come here at the end of the week and have a few good ones already selected for me!

  3. Willowsmama--I think it's funny about his tastebuds too. All I can figure out is that the only raw tomatoes he'd had were beefsteak and he said they tasted like dirt. So he just never tried them again. We've also conquered his dislike of beans, brussels sprouts and asparagus!

  4. A follow up to the tomato/mozza tart. You all should make this. Immediately. It was freaking insanely good. Only modifications I made was to cut the salt by half (think I'll only use a 1/3 of what's called for on the next round), added an extra garlic clove to the crust, and used a variety of heirloom baby tomatoes. We've found a new summer favorite!


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