Friday Roundup--7.30.2010

Oh, happy day! So glad to see this week come to a close. Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are running on a treadmill at a full sprint? You are running your butt off and going absolutely no where! Well, that's the short version of my week.

On the positive side, we got most of the last bits of paperwork signed and turned in for our home study. Just my bio left to go. It's written, just needs an edit.

One other plus--I made a lovely photo of a flower (passion vine?) that has kept me smiling. Sometimes, happiness is in the details.

Here were my fave posts this week.

In the post Sarcastically Answered Questions, blogger Matt shares his answers to the stupid adoption questions that most of us have encountered. Like Matt says, if the person is sincere in wanting to know something, I'd be happy to educate them. But so often these intrusive questions seem accusatory and blameful.

For the touching and heartfelt, go read Goodbye Korea at Our Adoption Journey. As the foster mother held her foster child for a final time, a prayer was said over the children who were bound for their new adoptive homes. It's an insight into how painful this is for the people of South Korea, and the strength it must take to send their children away from their country. I also found the post So many mixed feelings so compelling. It's a letter to her new son, and shares her joy about being a mother, and a promise to bring him back to his beautiful birth country.

Found this post on adoption memory books by The Sassy Infertile Lady. I never even knew these type of books existed! She gives her reviews on a few. Can you say...time to shop!

Here's one more super sensitive and sweet post by an adoptive mom at Seon-Mi Kyung. I know I'm all caught up in these mush fests this week, but that's how it goes. This is a letter to the birth mother on Zoey's second birthday.

Now for something sweet! Our replacement rhubarb plant (The Man accidently "weeded" ours out of the planting area) is about ready for it's first harvest! Methinks this recipe for rhubarb cakes looks delicious!

Happy weekend to all.


  1. Great list! (I'm a little bias since my husband's on it. ;-)

    I love passion flowers! So unusual looking. And I also LOVE rhubarb. We used to grow it too up north. I wish it grew in zone 10. I am especially fond of rhubarb crisp. Yum...

  2. make sure to post up a picture after u bake up that cake!


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