WORD Wednesday - Korean in a flash(card)

Found some handy flashcard sets at Amazon, including the Korean in a flash Vol 1. They look like they are really well done, and smartly organized. There are 448 cards included with common Korean words and phrases, and frequently used expressions. It's organized in a way that makes sense, categorizing the words you'll learn sensibly--numbers, geography, family relationships, body, etc.

I think it looks like it might be a great learning aid although I wonder if you need to have a good understanding of Hangul already. They include the Romanized pronunciation and English meanings for each of the 448 words included. And there's another 1,792 related terms. Yikes.

If this works for you, there's a Vol 2 as well.

I'm thinking of starting a bit smaller. I'm like a child learning this myself, so why not just go for the kid's version? The same company (Tuttle) also has a Korean For Kids flash card set. This kit includes 64 flash cards PLUS an audio CD, wall chart and learning guide.

What's also pretty cool (and might be VERY useful when Seoul Baby arrives) is the addition of Korean games to play, and Korean songs on the CD such as Happy Birthday and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Feet (a slight difference from the Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes version I grew up with).

There's also a Vol 2 available on this one!


  1. cool! i'm totally checking these out!!!

  2. I think I'd have to start with the kids' one! What a cool idea, though.


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