Friday round up--8.27.2010

I know it's been a bit quiet here this week. Some weeks seem to get away from me, and this one did for sure. I've been sick this week so I didn't fit in much more than the necessary which meant no time for blogging.

This week I've battled a general blah feeling, with a little "hmm" and a smidge of "grrr". Several of our family members are facing serious medical challenges, I'm anxious about finishing our formal application (finishing this weekend!), work has been stressful, yadda, yadda, yadda. Add all of it up, and I think it's contributed to my mood. I fell as droopy as these flowers.

So my weekend agenda is pretty simple:

1. Spend at least one hour  this weekend doing something that isn't a "have to do" or "need to do".

2. Run another 5K race on Sunday. Hopefully my cold will dissipate by then.


This post really made me think. We've all heard people make inappropriate racial comments, and we've all let those moments slip by without saying something even though we were seething inside. Kelly at Are Those Your Kids? shares one of those moments and the mom-guilt she feels afterwards.

At Heart, Mind and Seoul, another food-for thought-post on racism. Acts of racism are, unfortunately, a regular occurance. But usually the ones we non-people-of color notice are those that are really obvious, like using racist racist slurs, degrading someone because of race, etc. But there are countless expressions of racism on a daily basis that are much more subtle and we may not recognize. This post helped me to understand just a little more and as the future parent of an Asian child, I think that's vital information.

A post at 안녕습니다 titled "Choice" kept floating back into my mind all week. It's authored by a Korean-born Australian adoptee and I really hear what she's saying. But as a future adoptive parent, it's really tough to hear. The author argues adoptive parents are the only participants in the adoption triad that have a choice, the choice whether to adopt or not. She also explores whether adopting internationally is good for the children. It's a controversial topic to be sure, and certainly important to consider.

At Three and Counting Sue describes the frustration/panic/stress of trying to make arrangements to bring their son Leo home after receiving a travel call. I can only imagine the mix of emotions she must be feeling!

These links are entirely too serious. Go HERE for a little levity.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy weekend! Enjoy the hour of freedom :)

  2. I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend! And I love Wisconsin (especially cheese curds). Best of luck on your adoption process!

    ICLW #2

  3. 1- Good luck with your race!
    2- Hooray for getting your app finished this weekend. That's such a good feeling. :)
    3- Your links are awesome. You are awesome for sharing them. I need to do a post like this, soon.I keep putting it off because I want to make it really good. But yours is simple and meaningful. I love it.
    4- I attempted levity over at my blog this evening after a less than perfect MD visit. Maybe it'll make you smile. :)

  4. Good luck with your race - let us know how it goes!

    Thanks for the great links. Even when they are hard to read, I love posts that make me think about adoption from other points of view.

  5. ICLW - Hope you do well on the race. Thanks for posting the links - mmmm, it's amazing, knowing that Asian people go through the same thing as African Canadian people.


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