Friday Roundup--8.13.2010

"Do you think he's born yet?" asked The Man.

I paused, knife hovered over the chopping block where I am busy chopping vegetables for our dinner. With all the busy work of the adoption process--filling out forms, parent classes, etc, I hadn't thought about that.

Is he born yet.

A little electric zap jolts my heart, and this whole adoption thing, this whole parenting thing becomes a bit more real. I think about bringing home A baby all the time, but the thought that THE baby, OUR baby could already be out there...it takes my breath away.

"I don't know," I say, as I resume chopping. "Maybe."

And I smile.


This beautiful and sweet post at Journey to Eden written the day before Eden's adoption is finalized, shares her mother's adoption journey.

Learned a lot from the post Dual Citizenship Details at the blog The Land of the Morning Calm. The blogger discusses the pros and cons about dual citizenship being offered to Korean adoptees.

On the topic of cross-cultural adoptions, this post at Happy to be Me shares some advice with adoptive parents. "I strongly believe that those who intend to adopt children from abroad must be made aware of the unique challenges that surround raising a child of another culture, especially if the adoption originates in the U.S."

Found this recipe for gnocchi with roasted tomatoes and fresh basil in a cream sauce at The Cooking Photographer's blog. Sounds like a great way to use up that fresh produce in our garden.

For my laugh of the week, The Man and I enjoyed trolling through the "blog" of unnecessary quotes
which kept us shaking our heads at the poor punctuation skills of signmakers across the world.


  1. awww, what a sweet thought!
    and, thank you for "posting" that link to the unnecessary quotes blog -- HILARIOUS!

  2. It's amazing the little things that make you stop and think throughout the adoption process. Thinking of you! ;)

  3. I love the first section of this. And I love that someday, when you find out who your little guy is, you'll be able to look back at this post and know the answer to that question :)

  4. I remember thinking that every so often as well... it's mind boggling!

  5. It is a surreal feeling, not knowing when your child will be born. After both my referrals, I went back to my calendar to find out what I was doing the day they were born - for some reason it was important for me to know what I was doing when they entered the world.


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