Ask a Korean

Have you seen the "Ask A Korean" blog? No joke. A Korean guy that you can email your questions to and he'll answer for you. This guy really cracks me up!

It's worth a visit to the site and it's a long weekend, so go dig around in there.

Here's a few answers from a post "Open Letter to Non-Asian People" in response to a question "Do you have a handy list about Asian Americans to give to a clueless non-Asian person?"

-When you meet an Asian person in America, listen to the person's English. If it's fluent, assume the person is American. Do not say "Oh, your English is so great!" unless you want a punch in the face. 
- Do not ask "Where are you from?" to an Asian person unless you are reasonably certain that s/he is outside of his/her American hometown. If the Asian answers, say, "Los Angeles", do not follow up with "where are you originally from?" or "where are your parents from?" Our precise ethnicity is none of your fucking business. Do we ever ask you whether you are from Dominican Republic, Ireland, or Ivory Coast?
- Do not holler any Asian celebrity name at any Asian person. The Korean is 6'1", and plays basketball frequently. If the Korean hears one more "Yao Ming!" from one of you, he will shove a basketball up your ass.
 - Do not use chopsticks if you are going to make a fool of yourself and spray food all over the place. Use a fork. No one cares.
- On the other hand, if you are at a Thai restaurant and don't have chopsticks, do not act all high and mighty and ask for chopsticks. Thai people don't use chopsticks.


  1. Don't you just love this site? I've been reading it for awhile.

  2. ah ha ha... i'm not asian, but i'd love to give these answers to people.

  3. Very funny - thanks for sharing!

  4. um, this is HILarious! and i completely agree with the first two! i recently had a friend's husband tell me, "wow, i can't hear an accent at all! you sound just like an american!" um, that's because i AM american, jerkface! sorry, but i had to get that off my chest. :) i'll definitely have to check out this site!


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