POV Adoption Stories

Have you been watching the POV series on adoption? I have to admit that we haven't got around to it yet. Soon...very soon.

There's quite a few cool things that PBS has organized in conjunction with this series. One thing I particularly love is their effort to collect adoption stories, and stories featuring the unique ways that ordinary families are created. They are gathering these stories in the "This is my family" project and are asking for submissions. It seems pretty simple--a 1-3 minute video telling why your family is special. HERE is the link for more info on this project. (And if you make the video, don't forget to share the link with all of us here!)

Another awesomely cool thing is THIS site for educators, complete with lesson plans and discussion guides on topics such as the role and status of women in Korea, and how race/religion shape a person's identity.

You can also sign up to host a screening of films! Sign up online HERE and they'll send the films right to your home.

If you haven't watched the series, it's not too late. Here's some links to the online streams to view the stories:

Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy: available online until November 30
Off and Running: available online until December 7
In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee: available until October 15


  1. I've had a chance to watch them and find them to be very well-done.

    I'll be interested to hear your opinion once you've had a chance to see them.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm really interested in watching these POV stories--thanks for posting them

    Happy ICLW!


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