Friday Round-up--10.29.2010

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Well all, I don't know about you, but I am darned happy to see this week end. Hello Weekend! It was a long one and I'm pretty tuckered out. Don't really have much to say, so please enjoy my favorite photo from this week instead. To make it, I stood in the pouring rain, in a giant puddle in the middle of the road, for about 30 minutes. All good things are worth working and waiting for. :)

Have a great weekend!


We've heard about sharing/not sharing your child's stories before, but this quote by Ilie Ruby writing at Motherlode caught my attention. "It has taken me some time to realize that explanations as to their origins, their histories, their relationship to each other, and how we “got” them, are not obligatory. When it comes down to it, stories belong to those who live them." Yes...realizing that I don't owe anyone an explanation--that's a good thing to remind myself about. Read the rest of the story HERE.

Along that same vein, I really, really loved THIS post at The International Mom's Blog. Her post helped me to reframe how I think about when people ask intrusive questions about how our family will be put together.

Think about THIS post when you head out to purchase all that Halloween candy. Sharon at Mama Manifesto writes a great post, chock full of information on---ready yourselves---child slaves who harvest cocoa. Yep...that dark delicious treat that nearly everyone loves is often harvested by children. It's organic chocolate, or certified "slave free" chocolate for me from here on out.

In the "those kids say the darndest things" category, I actually laughed out loud when I read THIS short post at our korean american family.

Kristen at I Spy A Family writes a simple and beautiful post HERE about finally having the life as a family that she imagined. For those of us waiting, we know to have the "ordinary" would be extraordinary. Someday soon....


  1. Beautiful photo. Thanks for a great Friday Roundup once again.

  2. I love that 1st article. I'm definitely an over-sharer and I remind myself constantly that certain pieces of information are for the kids to share if and when they are ready. I remember reading somewhere that choosing who to share info about their birth families/pre-adoption lives is one of the only items related to their adoptions adoptees can actually control and that really hit home for me.


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