This is no vacation

Today is the first day of a week-long vacation for me. It was supposed to start yesterday, but, devoted  worker that I am, I worked all day instead. Boo.

I really didn't have much planned this week. The Man doesn't have as much vacation time as I do, and to be honest, I could really use a luxurious week of lounging on the sofa with the Tropical Pug, watching romantic comedies and knitting. That sounds like exactly what I need right now.

I wanted to try and paint our bedroom this week. It's one of the last 2 rooms in the house to be painted since we moved in. The other is Little Man's room but we are waiting on that until we get the referral! We'll see.

Unfortunately my vacation dreams are pushed off for yet another day. During yesterday's work-a-thon, I somehow managed to lose my credit card and driver's license. I canceled the credit card right away. But the license can't wait--we are flying to D.C. this weekend for a few days for a quick trip. The trip is for work, but we'll have a day to goof off, so it's sort of vacation-like.

Anyhoo....today, I'm heading to the DMV. Ick. Wish me luck (and a good hair day).


  1. Yuck! Good luck with the license! You'll be in DC?!? That's where I am! :)
    Travel safely and good luck getting everything done this week. Hope you get some knitting and romantic comedies with pug cuddling in! :)

  2. ugh, the dmv is about the last place I'd want to spend a vacation day. hope you get in and out quickly and can get to the knitting and movie watching.

  3. That stinks :( Hope the picture looks great..you know those pictures are the best..haha

  4. I am right outside of DC! Hope DMV wasn't too painful and you can enjoy some of the sights.

  5. yuck...the dmv is never fun!
    but, i hope your trip to dc is! let me know if you need/want some suggestions! :)


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