Music makes me smile

Came across THIS post on practical tips for learning Korean at Daily Dose of Hangul. The author makes a great point about not relying on the Romanization to learn to speak Korean because of the inconsistency of the use, and the unreliability of Romanization in general. Wish that weren't true because it's a lot easier to read a Romanization that to force myself to learn to read Hangul!

Another tip from the author is to watch lots of Korean movies and listen to music which has been lots of fun. This video really cracks me up. Part Michael Jackson, part James Brown, part Leslie Nielsen and part Supremes. Love it! Hope it makes you smile too.


  1. too funny! And love the link - thanks!

  2. haha. ;) I just found a couple of CDs that I'm adding to my Christmas list and I think with all of Brian's traveling I'm going to start watching some K-Dramas. ;) Thanks for sharing!


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