Blocks Blocks everywhere

Holy cats! Had no idea that the good old wooden block came in so many varieties. Here's two super cool ones that we love.

screen grab from delight.com
XYZ Alternative Alphabet

A is for Afro. J is for Jackalope. M is for Moustache. S is for Sunburn.

Don't make me tell you what U is for.

How much do you love this update on an old-school favorite--the wooden block. Oh, and did you notice the kick ass graphics? Seriously. Kick. Ass.

(By the way, U is for Underpants. And also for Uvula.)

XYZ Alternative Alphabet Blocks by Fred & Friends. Around $30 at most retailers.

screen grab from lindenwoodinc.com

Uncle Goose Foreign Language blocks

A Korean block set! Has 22 animals, the numbers 1-10 in English and Korean, and all the Korean consonants and vowels. Very cool!

FYI--Uncle Goose also makes blocks in other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, French, and German!

Uncle Goose Foreign Language Alphabet Blocks by Lindenwood. Available for $41 HERE or at select retailers.


  1. Those are AWESOME!! Isn't it incredible the choices out there? Makes it so hard to narrow down...


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