A day behind

Yesterday was my 200th post.  I had something special planned and then, poof, with a click of the button I goofed up that plan.

So instead, will you please all celebrate my 201st post with me? Hurrah!

This means many of you have endured over 200 posts that elaborately detailed the ramblings and chaos inside my brain. (My Dad says I'm going to drive myself nuts thinking as much as I do. He's probably right. Rubber room, here I come!) Hope you can hang in there for the next 200.

To everyone who has followed along, your support and encouragement really DOES make a difference. We can't thank you enough.

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To celebrate, we are having our first giveaway!

I knitted up these teeny tiny socks, which adorned our tree this season. And they could adorn your tree, or your review mirror, or perhaps Ken's feet if Barbie keeps the Dreamhouse too cold.

Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment on this post, telling us what your favorite childhood toy was. (Mine was my Holly Hobby doll--her bonnet was an excellent hiding spot for candy!)
  • Be a subscriber. (We promise we won't ever try to sell you anything or ask you to help us move.)
We'll draw names on January 3, so check back then to see who wins!


  1. so cute! Congrats on 201 posts.
    I was really into dolls. All kinds of baby dolls.

  2. super cute socks!!!
    my favorite toy was My Little Ponies. my goodness, I had so many, and I LOVED them!

  3. Congrats on 200 :) Very cute!!! My favorite toy was my stuffed Little Foot from Land Before Time.

  4. Congrats on 201!! My favorite toy was Rainbow Bright...I loved that chic :)

  5. Congratulations on your 201 post. What an accomplishment!

  6. i loved my barbies. especially runway model barbie that had a switch on her back so she could run her hand through her hair. it was awesome. a close second would be my jem doll with the light up earrings :)

  7. My favorite toy growing up were Barbies. I had a whole collection with the blow up furniture and all! :)

  8. Congrats on Post #201! I love reading your blog!

    My favorite childhood toy had to be my... basketball? Gee. That's a tough question. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Congrats on 201 posts!!! You have a great blog!

    Favorite childhood toy? Probably depends on the year but I did have a Cabbage Patch Kid that I loved. Her name was Addie (my Mom still has her)

  10. well...
    i've been a "follower" for a while. and i think i'm a subscriber now, too?

    anyway, i'm with christy! my cabbage patch kids. i had two babies, maeve and jill. LOVED them.

  11. Whether it was baby dolls, cabbage patch kids or Barbies, My sis always got the purple dressed one a I got the pink. Pretty clever of my mom so we could keep our stuff seperate. I am kind of embarrassed to admit my love affair with Barbies. I do believe I played with them until 6th grade:)

  12. my favorite item was a phonograph that was a gift for my sister Judy and I. It was a little fold up case but we thought it was a stereo...it came with 45 records......we were cool


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