Bumper sticker wisdom

I noticed this awesome bumper sticker today on the back of a mini van.

Love that. And love this quote about building strong children too:

Why stop when you have a good thing going?

Clearly a very cool mama drives this mini van. 
Or at least someone with good taste in bumper stickers.

(The other stickers are for SKIN, a tattoo and body piercing salon, 
and The Delta Routine, a punk band out of Milwaukee. 
Oh yeah, and the I (heart) Wisconsin cow sticker. A classic. You can 
learn a lot about a person from their bumper!)


  1. Hmm... I'd like to be that person's friend!

  2. Those are cool bumper stickers! Great pics too!

  3. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  4. For some reason it cracked me up to read all the quotes and then bam!...the wisconsin sticker. Not that people in Wisconsin can't have opinions, it just seemed like a very Portland bumper going on:)

  5. Awesome!

    I love reading people's bumper stickers...except I will confess those stick-people families that are popping up w/increasing frequency completely annoy me.

  6. I agree with Kristen...not loving those stick people. Now those above are some cool bumper stickers. Thanks for making me smile!


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