We were making the early morning flight out of Milwaukee, heading to our hometown in Washington state for a long overdue visit with our family.

The next time we fly, we'll be going to get our baby, I thought to myself. 

The thought made me smile and feel all warm inside.

The next time we fly, we'll be parents.


We only get home about once a year. And my family is really, really big. The Man and I went to high school together, married in 1992, and moved out of the state in 1994. Pretty much all of our family is there, and most live within 50 miles of our home town.

In years past, my parents would have an open house while we were home, with family members dropping by to visit at that time. We thought that was the plan for this trip too.

The organizers...my sister T and my mom
We had a lovely breakfast with The Man's family, and then headed out to my parents' house for the open house. But when we walked in, we found my sister and mom, a whole mess of food, and....a baby shower!

Those rascals had planned a big surprise baby shower for us! We aren't planning on returning home this year until after the baby comes, so they decided to hold a shower now. So cool!

We loved the thoughtful touches they did to acknowledge our baby's heritage--Mom found the Korean words for 'family' and 'love' and printed them on cards. My sister actually found kimchi and the more adventurous eaters in the family gave it a try. She also created some totally yummy dip out of it!

They spared us the baby games so the shower was filled with the fun stuff we love, like eating, visiting, and lots of laughing. And then there was lots of oohing and aahing over the sweet baby outfits, and we received lots of gift cards and cash which will be put to good use.

The Man wonders how he's going to squeeze into these little pants. Ha!
To be honest, it was sort of surreal. Were we actually opening baby gifts?? Was it really a shower for our future child?? This sounds kind of strange, but sometimes the baby feels like a fantasy world that exists solely in my head. The shower brought the fantasy baby out into the real world and everyone was so excited about it!

I looked around and saw the faces of those we love. The Man's parents, brother & wife, new nephew, and aunts. My parents, grandmothers, sisters, aunts & uncles, cousins, nieces, and closest friend.

I couldn't believe that all these people were there to celebrate with us. That was the biggest gift of the entire day. When you live so far away, those kind of memories and love carry you through the tough times. Waiting is certainly tough, but knowing our baby will be welcomed into such a wonderful family, with joy and open hearts has made it much easier.

Thanks so much everyone. We love you very much!

(P.S... I'll post the pix of the cute baby stuff later.)

Uh...yeah, that's us. The cake reads Heart and Seoul.

Kimchi and kimchi dip!

Aunt C, Mom, R, our great-niece M, and second-cousin A.

Niece skypes in, with her new baby!

Check out the super cool mod-baby t-shirts!


  1. This post brings happy tears to my eyes. The greatest thing at Christmas - how much love and support we received in the anticipation of our child. My in-laws gave us a check with a picture of a plane - to help pay for our trip to Korea. It finally struck me - we will be going to Korea and bringing home our child before we celebrate another Christmas! Other people were excited too and that was the greatest gift - the support for our Little One. ;) Congrats!

  2. what a wonderful realization that the next time you're on a plane...you'll be bringing home your baby. love that!

    and such a terrific surprise shower...so much love!

    (kimchi dip...hmm...might need to try that.)

  3. That's so sweet! It is surreal getting to finally open gifts for your future baby & you are the recipients at the baby shower...not a friend or relative! It really happens....we're proof! :)

  4. what a really sweet and fun surprise. I am sure sharing that experience with those you love made it very real for you!!

  5. What an amazing gift - support and love from family and friends. So, so wonderful. And love the heart and seoul :) So happy that you had this time with people you love, preparing for your baby. And wow - next flight is to Korea! Woohoo!

  6. What a fun surprise! It looks like you got some really fun stuff for your little sweetie!

  7. Love this post!! And love the fact that the next time you are one a plane, it will be to go get your little one :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  8. awww, this just makes my heart smile. isn't it amazing when you are surprised with such an outpouring of love? so sweet! i love all the cool t-shirts you got and those monkey jammies are sweet!
    p.s. so fun seeing pics of you and the man! :)

  9. This is the first time I've seen pics of you... you guys are adorable!!!
    And how fun is it that your family surprised you with a shower?! What a sweet bunch of people :)
    I remember opening gifts at our shower and thinking how surreal it was. I felt like an imposter mom... like I was taking the gifts under false pretenses. But at the same time, I felt so incredibly loved. I'm so glad you guys had a much-deserved fun time, celebrating your baby-to-be with your family!!!

  10. Love it!! That is such a great surprise ♥

  11. Just found your blog and love it. What a great shower -- your baby is so lucky to have such an awesome family!

  12. I LOVE THIS <3

  13. what a great surprise for you guys! its great you were able to celebrate your future child with your family and friends in person.

  14. What a wonderful surprise! I love the photos. And I totally hear you about the "fantasy baby." AND I've also started thinking, "Next time we do X, we'll be parents." Just thought that when I put away the Christmas decorations... next time we take them out, whoa!

  15. What an amazing surprise from your families! I had tears when reading this, knowing how much family helps with the wait and realizing how far you are from yours; but all the love that went into that preparation and surprise for you two shows how much they're there for you.
    And I love the fact that the next time you fly, you'll be parents!!!! What a great feeling.


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