Connecting: Toy Drops!

Image from The Toy Society-Drop #1454
Found: Rattling in the back of our drawers, a collection of army men, yo-yos, slingshots, and other small toys.

Mission: To dispose of these items in a playful and fun way.

Target: Members of our neighborhood. Specifically, a house of three rambunctious boys ages 5-9.

The Plan: We packaged toys into plastic lunch bags, with a tiny note inside letting them know they needed good homes. And then, during a walk with the dog, we covertly tossed them onto their lawns.

We had so much fun doing this and wondering if the kids got the surprises. (Of course, now as a someday-to-be parent, I wonder if I would have let our kid have toys that he found in our yard in a similar manner. Probably not!)

Anyhoo...I remembered this adventure in fun when I came across this site, The Toy Society. Spreading hand-made goodness to people everywhere! (In a much more official way than we did.) It started in Australia and is such a genius idea. I love making things for others, and it's especially fun to think about those gifts being a treasure for other people to find. Random acts of crafting kindness!

So check out The Toy Society site. Click on the Dropped button to read all the inventive ways that people left their little pressies behind for others to find. And click on the Found button to learn where all those bags of joy ended up.

Just another awesome way to connect with strangers and put a little more hand-made happiness into the world. And wouldn't it be fun to do with children?

I'm on board! What about you?

PSST--Stay tuned to see what/where we will do a drop. Here's a little hint...it's very far away!


  1. Such a cute idea. Although I have to admit that as a mama, I'd be a little suspicious of a bag that said "take me home." ;)
    Nonetheless, such a sweet idea.

  2. Hi there. Dropping by for ICLW. I love this idea!!! It's so hard anymore to not look at such a thing from the mama perspective, but it's so much fun for the kids and it puts things that you can't use anymore to such good use. Also, congrats on being matched to your little one. So exciting!!! Good luck with everything!

  3. Hi, just popping in from ICLW! Congrats on the adoption. You will be an awesome mom!

  4. I LOVE Toy Drops! LOVE. We've been on both ends here and it's so, so much fun...


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