Freaky Friday

Ya know. This adoption blogger world is awesome. I mean. Really. Awesome.

For most of us it's a way to connect with other adoptive parents, work through our feelings, and document this path to parenthood.

We never know who might be reading or what they might get out of it. (I often wonder who would submit themselves to my neurotic, self-absorbed, over-thinking diatribes....)

There are countless days where a comment on our blog, or reading someone else's post has brought me comfort, a smile, and the reminder that we are not alone in this journey.

But today,  I read a post that completely stopped me in my tracks. And filled my heart with joy. Here's the story:

Photo courtesy of Our Adoption Journey-Audrey
Adoptive mom Erin shared these photos on her blog, Our Adoption Journey, back in November 2010. Erin, who is with the same agency as we are, photographed the baby's reception home in Seoul when she went there to bring her daughter Audrey home. The baby's reception home is where children live for the first few months of their lives before they are placed with a foster family while awaiting adoption.

Photo courtesy of Our Adoption Journey-Audrey
I saw those photos for the first time today, as I read a post by Amber at her blog, Waiting for You. Amber and her husband just got a referral for their daughter Adelyn on February 23. (Congratulations!!)

Amber had seen these photos on Erin's blog, and posted them today when she realized that her daughter, Adelyn, was at the baby's reception home at the time the pictures were taken. Adelyn is in that nursery!

Are you figuring it out? When I read this, I ran to get Little Man's paperwork, and sure enough, HE'S THERE TOO! Somewhere in that room is our little boy. All snuggled up in one of those cribs. Is he the one they are covering? Or the one they are holding? But just to know he's there...

Thank you so much Erin for posting these photos (and sharing them with us for Little Man's baby book)! And thanks to Amber for reposting them!

When we finally get to bring our son home, I want to tour the baby's reception home as well. You just never know who those photos might make a difference for.

Yeah, this blog stuff is Totally. Freaking. Awesome.


  1. That is totally awesome. And what a connection!! And wonderful to have those photos for your son's book and I agree - touring the baby reception home is a good thing to do while over there. It doesn't take long, but I was so glad I did.

  2. How cool to get to see where he is and be able to picture him there! It looks like such a pleasant place!

  3. i love this.
    i realized too, after rubin had just come home, that he was in the baby reception home when elizabeth and adam were there bringing olive home.
    i SCOURED over her photos looking for him when i made the connection.
    so totally cool!!!

  4. So, so exciting! It kinda gives you chills!
    I love that Emily posted about us being there when Rubin was. All these things that connect us all... small world.

  5. oh my goodness!!! how amazing! seriously, what a small and awesome world we APs have!


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