Welcome Back ICLW!

Thanks for stopping by! Since I've been a slacker and haven't done this since June, I'll share the top 5 things I've been doing since then.

5. Shovel snow. We've had nearly 70 inches of snow this season. Not as much as last year, but enough to keep us busy.

4. Knit baby blankets, hats and toys. Our family is having a serious baby boom and I can barely keep up with it!

3. Working out. Like a maniac. If I can keep a piece of my mind is busy on one task (like not passing out while I'm running) then the rest of it can relax and quit obsessing about our adoption paperwork. Plus, it means I can eat more cake!

2. I gave up on learning to speak Korean. I've learned some phrases and words, but my brain is just too preoccupied to cram any new information in there. Sigh.

1. The biggest and best thing we've done since my last ICLW--we finally saw the face of our son! (Read about that HERE and HERE.) We accepted our referral for a beautiful 7-month-old boy and are now getting ready to become a family of three! We hope to travel to South Korea in a month or two. OMG. 
Can't hardly contain my joy. Woo hoo!

So make yourself at home, and please, leave some comments!

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