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Well folks, we are making headway!

I've finally come out of my "ohmygodwerehavingababy" funk. Being in said funk, you would expect I would have launched myself into a phase of unprecedented productivity, but alas. Instead I was just highly emotional and belabored even the most simple decisions.

Take getting Little Man's room ready--how could I possibly figure out what color to paint it until I knew EVERYTHING that was going in it? Which meant lots of research and producing full color mock-ups of the two potential designs. Ridiculous. And anal. Both of which I admit to fully.

I obsessed about tiny details like what color the blinds should be, and made multiple trips to the paint store, and put five, yes five, different colors on the wall until I found the *right* one. And stood in IKEA for over an hour as I debated the visual benefits of having a birch crib, or a white one.

The Man has been especially patient through all this. Much appreciated because I'm driving myself a little nuts.

I know much of this is because I'm totally type A about this stuff. And to be fair, any time we paint a room I get pretty nutsy. I blame it on being an artist or left-brained, or something along those lines.

But sometimes I overly focus on things in order to get a little control in a situation where I feel out of control. And the culprit this time is the final processing with Little Man's immigration stuff which is driving me totally bat-shit crazy. We have no idea how fast they are going to process it. We have the official line which says they have 75 days to do it. Ugh. But lots of folks we know have had it done much faster.

So, instead of putting my nose to the grindstone and getting stuff checked off my giant list of to-dos, I waffle over blue-green and green-blue.

Fortunately, I think that funk was replaced by the more urgent realization--we need to get stuff done! So, his room is now painted (and I love the color!) and the crib is assembled (post on that to come later) and we are now tackling some other projects in the house.


Happy Weekend!


To be a family: Taking it all for granted, happily

To make you smile: Hip Hip Hooray! (This is a super awesome party planning site. Makes me want to plan something soon)

To make for baby: Soft counting cubes

To remember how he's grown: Shoe Shadow Box

Projects to plan: Little Stitches for Little Ones (Yes Mom, I'm thinking about sewing!)


  1. We were the same way pre-Olive. Every detail was SO important. Poor Ingrid's room wasn't even done when she came home. In fact, I think a few things still linger... :(

  2. Good for you! I was like that too, everything had to be just right, then we got the call early and it was such a rush so I'm so glad you're getting it all ready now! I had to do the finishing touches when he was home and napping in another room. Luckily all the safety stuff was done, but I was disappointed in myself for not having pictures up... luckily he didn't complain ;) Crossing my fingers for you that you get the call early too (but with everything done!)

  3. please come back. we need a mama's night out. stat.

  4. I LOVE your posts. The brighten my day and make me even more excited for you and The Man <3

  5. The picture in my head of you standing in Ikea trying to decide between crib colors made me giggle. I've been insane about how to decorate the nursery "just so" and have had several breakdowns over color and style. It's nuts.

  6. so glad to see you here and hear about what you are doing. Nesting!!! Love it. Can't wait for the pictures and even more can't wait to see you next weekend!! (and I know - lots of exclamation points - but hey, I'm happy :)


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