Mommy and Daddy are Apple addicts

Funny things you think about at 2 a.m. while listening to your baby sleep!

The Man and I have been trying to keep a log of LM's sleeping, pooping, eating and bottle habits. I'm known to love a good flow chart (I once tracked and logged all the times of my crossword puzzles and made a spreadsheet. Sad but true) and was thinking that this old-fashioned logging on paper just wasn't doing the trick. The log was always in the wrong room, we forgot to mark things down, or we were just too sleep deprived to remember things by morning.

So, I didn't what any iPhone/Apple lovin' mama would do. I searched for an app.

And lo, Baby Connect to the rescue! Totally loving this thing. We can track everything LM. Bottles, types of food, types of diapers, activity, milestones, moods and medical info. And each of those categories are broken down with further details. In the diapers category, you have wet, BM, BM and wet, diaper leaks, and open-air accidents--my personal fave. And also can give the color and consistency of each BM (green, runny, etc.).

They have these handy timers built into the app, so when he goes down for a sleep, you hit start, and then that smart little app keeps track of time until you hit stop. No more trying to remember how long he slept!

The app is a bit pricey at $4.99 but the cool thing is that you can enter info from any computer, or from another iPhone. Of course, that means popping for another $4.99 to load the app on another phone. But we thought it was worth it.

The Man and I always have our iPhones right next to us. The program automatically syncs our data in real time, so when The Man puts LM down to sleep, I see the sleep timer. When I get him up, I just hit stop on the timer. how many hours ago that happened.

Plus, as a super cool bonus, there's this cool time line flow chart that shows the overall habits of your baby. A visible sign of progress! And Mommy does love flow charts!

I know, I know. Super geeky. We spent his morning nap time entering data from the past few days.

And no, we aren't being paid to tell you all of this. Although if the folks at Baby Connect want to toss some cash our way, we'd let 'em.


  1. OMG that is so awesome!! My husband and I are always looking for little shortcuts to make managing life easier. We don't have a need for this particular app right now, but we sure hope to need it in the future! Thanks for the tip!

  2. this cracks me up. for one, I have a tracfone. I don't even text message and have yet to figure out what an app really is and what to do with it. not because I couldn't but because I'm too thrifty (sounds better than cheap, right?) to actually buy the phone that I know I would love and also be addicted to. So thank you for letting me live through you and know what I am missing :)

    Glad you found a fun way to keep track of the things you want to remember!

  3. I love it! I am such a list person myself so I am going to go ahead and buy. Thanks for sharing!


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