Go the F*!$ to sleep

Yeah, we've had some long nights here. And while I'm trying to get LM to sleep, I'll admit I'm not always thinking motherly sweet things in my head.

Evidently, neither did this author. Go the F*!$ to Sleep by Adam Mansbach is all the rage right now. A co-worker of The Man ordered several copies, including one for us!

No, I don't plan on reading it to LM as a bedtime story. It's more of a story Mommy and Daddy will read to one another over a glass of wine kind of thing.

If you are offended by a certain four-letter word, that starts with F and rhymes with 'puck' then don't bother watching this video. But if you are entertained by wry humor, press the button now!

YouTube video: A reading of Go the F*!$ to sleep

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  1. We just got our copy Saturday, and we were laughing hysterically the whole way through!


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