Blog Roundup-7.15.2011

Big playground. Little Boy. © Cheese Curds and Kimchi
This week in Little Man's world:

  • A new tooth! One morning he woke up and poof...there was #7. We thought he was working on new ones in the back so this front bottom one totally caught us by surprise. 
  • LM discovered that there is this very intriguing hole just below Gus the dog's tail. Evidently he thought it required further investigation and probing. Often. Ew. And I can't figure out why Gus doesn't move! Double ew. We are working to discourage this, and I'm considering keeping the two separated (although I love LM's curiosity). Ew.
  • He's started doing this funny little dance where he runs in place. Generally he breaks it out when he's really delighted about something. But it has made an appearance when he was angry and wasn't getting what he wanted. I've told him that it will lose it's cuteness and appeal if he uses it for that. We'll see if he listens.
  • He took his first ride in the bike trailer this week! He seemed to enjoy it. At least we surmised that from the lack of crying. We have it hooked up to our vintage Schwinn tandem bike so we look like a semi on the bike path.
  • He had his first swim lesson this week. Again, he seemed to enjoy it, but we have only determined this from the lack of crying. We'll see what his reaction is when we go back next week. 
  • He's figured out how to scream softly in this really, really high pitched voice. Let's hope he doesn't start taking it up to full volume or the glass in our windows might shatter.
  • We have started to phase out the night time bottle feedings. And LM wants you to know that he does not endorse this plan. He was having twice-nightly feedings before he came home and we continued that since we've been here. But it's time for that to end! 

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Wow, you are a trooper for keeping up two feedings a night! Our guy was doing one a night and I think it cut it out within a month (I increased his daytime bottles). He was upset the first night or two but slept through the night after that, so be strong momma and maybe you'll be rewarded with sleep within a week or so!

    Our guy doesn't want his bottle at all anymore, he wants a cup, only his cup skills are very messy so I'm the one not ready for this! We're working on it.

    Yay for the tooth! #8 is fighting it's way up right now in our house and boy is it painful for us all! I wish they'd come in quicker and less painfully, poor boys.

    The little dance sounds so cute. The pug-poking.. not so cute, perhaps Gus needs a little pair of puggie-pants?

    PS How cute are you, biking as a whole family unit?! That's just too cute, I hope you've stopped someone to get a photo of you all. :)

  2. I don't know if I'm a trooper or not. Definitely the lack of sleep is making this change more of a necessity. And yeah, the teeth thing is kind of a bummer. He's got #8 coming in as well! Just noticed it yesterday. Let's hope this goes quickly.


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