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I'm a bit behind catching you up on last week's adventures. First, wanted to tell you about LM's first visit with his grandparents.

My parents arrived on July 2 to meet their 6th grand-child. From the first minute at the airport, LM was very comfortable and happy with them. He spent the week dazzling them with his smile, showing them his best tricks, and kept us all laughing.

He also learned how to ride the big horse (Grandpa's knees) and perfected his wave! (He had lots of fun waving at them, and now is waving at everything, including the dog, birds outside of the window, and random people at the store.) When we weren't hanging out at home playing, we went for walks, played at the park, tried out the splash pad area at the mall (he's not a huge fan), watched a parade, braved a few restaurants, and got lots and lots of kisses.

For us, it was wonderful to view my parents in a new way. They've been grandparents for well over 20 years (the oldest grandchild just turned 23) but you learn something new about your parents when you see them interact with your child. And I've never thought about children having a different relationship with their grandparents than they do with their parents--I mean, the things LM likes to do with them are different than the things he does with us. (My knees aren't nearly as fun as Grandpa's!)

When I think back to my relationship with my grandparents, it was special and fun, but I'd never thought about it being unique between me and them. But of course it is, isn't it? And to watch this develop right before my eyes---such a super wonderful experience.

Thursday was LM's first birthday. Poor little thing had a doctor's appointment that day. We didn't do anything in particular, just enjoyed the day and opened presents throughout it. They helped us chase him around in his hanbok during his birthday photo shoot. We also had him in his birthday suit with a crown on. (I learned that baby wrangling for photo shoots is not The Man's forte, and being a baby photographer is really, really hard work!)

We ended the afternoon at our favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoyed the perfect weather on the patio. Margaritas for the grown-ups and a fried banana treat for LM! It was extra special to have them here for his first birthday. And something that we were delighted they made time to share with us.

The week went all too fast, and there were lots of tears when we had to drop them off at the airport. LM was sleeping when we made the stop, and when he got up the next morning, he ran out to the living room and seemed surprised that they weren't there to greet him. Poor little guy! And we were sad they weren't here too. Time just passes too fast.

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  1. so glad LM had fun with his grandparents! so great to hear he immediately took to them -- so sweet!


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