Friday Round Up--8.19.2011

Chasing shadows. © Cheese Curds and Kimchi
So we are starting to get back into a rhythm here. We've had the parade of visitors (thanks for coming!) and I'm starting to mentally prepare for returning to work in less than a month (sniff). The days are flying by.

Thinking about returning to work scares me a bit. The thought of only seeing LM a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night is really tough. The little time we'll have with him each day becomes even more precious. I find myself getting panicked, worrying that he won't continue bonding and will get confused since he'll have another caregiver all day. But our situation is the best it can possibly be--thanks to my great bosses, I will now work a consistent schedule that will allow us to only have LM in daycare 3 days a week while we both are working full time. I'll be working every Saturday night when I return to work (goodbye weekends) but it's worth it while we continue to connect as a family.

I have this awesome graphic by Steph of Modern Parents Messy Kids on our refrigerator. I love the thought of parenting with intentions. I've been thinking about what I think is important to teach my son every day. What would your list be? Read Steph's great blog posts about her list HERE and HERE. And you can download a free graphic of her daily lessons HERE.

Looking forward to a great weekend! I'll be meeting up with the fab Emily who blogs at This Family Squish to run the Dirty Girl. It's a 5K mud girls-only run and Emily is a blast. And a portion of the proceeds supports breast cancer research, awareness and education. Can't wait!

Also on the agenda are the neighborhood block party, and celebrating the second birthday of our friend Giggles!

Hope your weekend is a good one too!


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