Must be the moon

We weren't searching for anything in particular. We mostly came to the expo center for a reprieve from the heat while we wandered around the fair. I do enjoy listening to people hawk their wares though. So we wandered around the aisles, pausing once in a while to watch a Vitamix demonstration, or see a knife cut through an aluminum can. Love that stuff!

As we passed one booth, the woman asked me my birth date. She was selling necklaces, each with different images of a phase of the moon. Nothing that I would usually be interested in. But she offered to show me what the moon looked like on the night I was born. And since I thought that would be cool to know, I gave her my birth date. (And yes, it was the real one.)

{image source}

She looked it up and showed me the photo. I was born on an ascending moon, three nights before a full moon.


What's your birth date, she asked The Man.

He gave the date, and then, wow. Something interesting. She got very excited and showed us his birth moon.

{image source}

His was born on a descending moon, three nights before there was no moon. His moon was the compliment to my moon!

What's the date your baby was born, she asked. And this is where it got really cool.

{image source}

Little Man's moon was the exact same as The Man's moon. Born 41 years apart, they were born under the exact same moon. And they both complete my moon.

The sales lady was so tickled. "This baby was born to be your baby," she exclaimed. "He was born under the same moon as his father, and his moon completes yours," she said to me. She explained that she had been doing this for several years and loved it when she saw these kind of coincidences in families. And I'll admit, I thought it was pretty cool too.

Needless to say, she made a sale. (Damn, was she good!) My new pewter necklace has a sliver of an descending moon, just as it appeared on the night both of my loves were born.

To see what your moon is, check out THIS SITE. And if you want a moon necklace like mine, check out THIS SITE.


  1. so cool!! My moon and our daughter's moon are the same - the descending one, and my husband's is the full moon. I love this!


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